I found this module harder then I thought, I really enjoyed shooting street photography but I found that it is actually not easy to have a face to face confrontation with strangers.

Before deciding to shoot in different stations in Birmingham I tried also some street photography around the town and one of the factors that made me decide to shoot in such busy places was that people travelling are not really paying attention to what you are photographing.

Despite my nature I tried to speak more with people and to ask more often before taking a picture, some of the subject I chose obviously said no, but a lot of them were happy to help and especially when I used the hasselblad I found they were more interested and enthusiast in taking part in the project.

At the end of the project I can say I am happy about the theme I chose because travelling is one of my passions and I really enjoyed spending time photographing people leaving or coming back home; I am also really happy about the pictures I got, the only thing I can say I regret is that I wanted to go back in Birmingham more often and to spend more time there, but after the 3 weeks I spent in Italy for Easter and the money I spent in general for the different university project it was hard to plan another visit there.

It would also have been good to have an authorisation to shoot in places like the shopping mall that is on the second floor of Birmingham New Street Station or to use the tripod at the ground floor.


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