As city to shoot in I chose Birmingham. I am not from England, so all the choices were kind of guessing for me, but doing some researches I thought Birmingham could be the right place, it is the second largest and most populous British city following London and it seems to offer a really big ethnic diversity.

I went there the first time on Thursday 9th February, I took the train at 10 and spent the whole day there. I didn’t have a precise idea of the subject that I wanted to shoot yet, so first I walked around in the streets, concentrating on the use of reflections and colours, then I stayed for a couple of hours in a shooting mall, looking for some new ideas.

Even if most of the people saw me photographing them, I didn’t have big problems, only a couple complained about being photographed but at the end they only asked to avoid publishing their pictures on social networks. On the other hand, I saw that at the station people are too busy checking the train times and the platforms, so they don’t really pay attention to you, so during my last 2 hours in Birmingham I decided to concentrate shooting in Birmingham New Street Station and I think this will be the common theme for my serie.


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