Module AD4803

001 STREET Assignment

You will produce a cohesive series of 20 documentary photographs and construct and produce a singular narrative/concept on location, that is, the ‘street’. All photography for this assignment must be produced only in the environs of the street. You must choose to photograph in a city only. The choices are Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Manchester or Oxford. These places provide a diversity of view, people, place and activity. You will reflect photographically on cities and peoples in 21st century Britain. You will use DSLR cameras to make the images, increasing more your awareness of digital capture and workflow.

The brief requires you to critically consider and reflect effectively what it takes to make a consistent and connected series of images describing people and place. Through lectures and independent study, you will be aware of historical and contemporary precedents, enabling insight and inclusion of ideas and influences that may contribute significantly to the production of your final series. The emphasis is on narrative construction in series. To this end as part of your submission you will produce a paper ‘panoramic’ view of your street series (20 final edit photographs) as well as a smaller edit of 6 professionally printed images (no larger than A4) enabling an overview of cohesion (content), flow, sequencing, edit, quality (digital workflow including print considerations) and final series presentation.

This assignment will challenge you to work outside of your comfort zone and general practice. It will require you to be patient and learn to effectively and efficiently work on location and be aware of the constraints and difficulties potentially encountered in public and the ‘rights’ and ethical demands of photographers to take photographs on the street. You will complete an agreed risk assessment to add further evidence to your developing professional practice. You can choose any of the city (only) locations (see above) to work in (with advice and agreement with the module tutor) and you must make a minimum of 2 visits to your location for development of the series.

Alongside the practical work, you will contribute to student class presentations based on research activity regarding documentary photographers. You will be expected to produce an online blog that encompasses your research (photographers etc.), critical constructive commentary, processes, reflections on practice, photography, editorial considerations, on-going evaluations of work made, image thumbnails, final series images, statements in support of final work and a final evaluation. This blog must be submitted both as a URL (not password protected) and also as a PDF digital file for grading through



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