6 prints

The 6 pictures I chose to print between the 20 of the series have all one thibg in common, they are about loneliness and travelling in solitude.

We can see somebody taking the train by himself, a woman eating alone while waiting in the station and someone staring outside the airport’s window, then there is one picture without even a person.

The picture I chose to close the small series is the only one taken outside and I would say the least sad. The man has a colorful jacket and he is walking fierce towards the cathedral. I see it like the symbol of a new begin, of the starting of a trip and of a new life, that’s why I decided to use it like the last photograph.



I found this module harder then I thought, I really enjoyed shooting street photography but I found that it is actually not easy to have a face to face confrontation with strangers.

Before deciding to shoot in different stations in Birmingham I tried also some street photography around the town and one of the factors that made me decide to shoot in such busy places was that people travelling are not really paying attention to what you are photographing.

Despite my nature I tried to speak more with people and to ask more often before taking a picture, some of the subject I chose obviously said no, but a lot of them were happy to help and especially when I used the hasselblad I found they were more interested and enthusiast in taking part in the project.

At the end of the project I can say I am happy about the theme I chose because travelling is one of my passions and I really enjoyed spending time photographing people leaving or coming back home; I am also really happy about the pictures I got, the only thing I can say I regret is that I wanted to go back in Birmingham more often and to spend more time there, but after the 3 weeks I spent in Italy for Easter and the money I spent in general for the different university project it was hard to plan another visit there.

It would also have been good to have an authorisation to shoot in places like the shopping mall that is on the second floor of Birmingham New Street Station or to use the tripod at the ground floor.

2nd shoot

On Thursday 23rd I went to Birmingham International to stay in both the station and the airport. I spent half day there shooting because I want to expand my project theme to travelling in Birmingham in general rather than photographing only in Birmingham New Street.

I am pretty satisfied about some of the pictures I got but I would like to go there more often and maybe to visit some other nation in the city.


On Wednesday 8th I went to Birmingham to keep photographing in the station and I had the opportunity to try shooting with the Hasselblad for the first time.

I am pretty satisfied with the result but some of the pictures were out of focus, so I need to improve in that sense.

Unfortunately after a couple of hours I was asked to stop photographing because I need an authorisation to do it in the station even if it is a public place, for security reason.

I will probably go back there next week, but I am thinking about expanding the theme of my project to travelling in general, so I will visit also Birmingham airport and other stations beside Birmingham New Street.


On Monday 20th we had a practical lesson and we went shooting street photography here in Cheltenham. It was a bit hard for me to create something strictly related to my project because in Birmingham I will be shooting inside the station, but I tried to create something interesting about other subjects.

The town centre was busy and I found some people that caught my attention, I really happy about how some pictures came out, but I think I should have concentrate more on people, while I got “distracted” by some amazing architectures in the periphery, where it was quieter, and by the flowers that are blossoming in this period in Cheltenham parks.


As city to shoot in I chose Birmingham. I am not from England, so all the choices were kind of guessing for me, but doing some researches I thought Birmingham could be the right place, it is the second largest and most populous British city following London and it seems to offer a really big ethnic diversity.

I went there the first time on Thursday 9th February, I took the train at 10 and spent the whole day there. I didn’t have a precise idea of the subject that I wanted to shoot yet, so first I walked around in the streets, concentrating on the use of reflections and colours, then I stayed for a couple of hours in a shooting mall, looking for some new ideas.

Even if most of the people saw me photographing them, I didn’t have big problems, only a couple complained about being photographed but at the end they only asked to avoid publishing their pictures on social networks. On the other hand, I saw that at the station people are too busy checking the train times and the platforms, so they don’t really pay attention to you, so during my last 2 hours in Birmingham I decided to concentrate shooting in Birmingham New Street Station and I think this will be the common theme for my serie.